Puppet rsyslog notify restart

I Have several services logging to a remote syslog server. On this server I use the standard rsyslog daemon.

When I create a new server or website I want Puppet to update my rsyslog daemon with the new files for this new server or website.

After placing a new config in my Puppet source where to copy the files:

file {'/etc/rsyslog.d/websites/':
        source  => "puppet:///conf/rsyslog/websites/",
        mode    => 755,
        owner   => root,
        group   => root,
        recurse => true,
        notify  => Service['rsyslog'],

The notify has to restart the rsyslog daemon to enable the new configurations. So I need a Service ['rsyslog'] part in my Puppet configuration.
This class is part of my site.pp and installs rsyslog package and registers the Service ['rsyslog'] part so it can be restarted after a change.

# Install rsyslog package
class rsyslog {
        package { 'rsyslog':
                ensure  => 'installed',

        service { 'rsyslog':
                ensure  => 'running',
                enable  => true,
                require => Package['rsyslog']

My node configuration also needs to find this class, so I included the "include rsyslog" part in my node section.

When you do not include this class in the node like this or another way (there are many ways) you will get an error like this:

Error: Failed to apply catalog: Could not find dependent Service[rsyslog] for File[/etc/rsyslog.d/websites/] at /etc/puppet/manifests/websites.pp:33