Install check_nrpe for Nagios

I Think NRPE is a very nice way to check your server via Nagios.
With NRPE the check is performed (usually) fully on the client instead of the server, it is much faster than getting a whole SNMP tree when monitoring a disk for example (and more reliable because of TCP instead of UDP).

However, if you install Nagios and Nagios plugins from source, check_nrpe is not part of these installations.

You need to download and compile check_nrpe manually:

First download the latest version, at this moment it is 3.0.1:

# wget

Untar the file:

# tar zxvf 3.0.1.tar.gz

Compile NRPE:

# cd 3.0.1
# ./configure
# make all

If you get an SSL headers error message during configure, make sure openssl-devel (for CentOS and RedHat) or libssl-dev (for Debian and Ubuntu) is installed.

Install NRPE in the Nagios and Nagios plugins folders:

# make install
# make install-config


For the clients, check_nrpe is in almost all repositories, so no need to compile them manually.

For RedHat you may need to add the EPEL repository to install the NRPE client.