Create PowerAdmin session_key

A part of the installation of PowerAdmin is to set a session key to secure the session after your login in PowerAdmin.

After you created the in the poweradmin/inc/ directory you need to set a session key.

These lines are created in the sample config:

// Security settings
// This should be changed upon install
$session_key = 'P+0HVmGj/SCWdCrfI2WYxSlAznSI2cKmPeYbqR1i33M=';
$password_encryption = 'md5'; // or md5salt

Or if you didn't use the sample config, add variable $session_key to your config file.

An example of a good generated string/key:

$ openssl rand -base64 32

2. Put this generated string to your config:

$session_key = "kORGkYmjrfphj/ZxFrPQssbc13NFAepO0dHfCcybnHM=";